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    up drive, the ▓village reformed its production se▓tup and redoubl▓ed its effort▓s to develop▓ farming of cr▓ops, such as pepper, Chinese red pepper, ▓walnuts and vari▓ous vegetables, ▓as well as▓ a gardening economy. 銆€銆€File photo▓ shows residential h▓ouses in Caimin Village, Mainling County, southeast Tibet鈥榮 Nyingchi Prefecture. (Xinhua Photo)銆€銆€Meanwhile, ▓the village has also set up▓ a construction company▓, and provi▓des transport services and s▓ends out villagers to work elsewhere, in a▓ bid to help t▓hem increase ▓their incomes. 銆€銆€Now, the per-capita net▓ income of the villa▓gers hits 8,▓000 yuan (1,172 U.▓S. dollars) per year, with 5,000▓ yuan being in cash▓, up 20 times from the time when▓ the opening-up drive was launched. 銆€銆€Now all the 50 families liv▓e in spacious and bright house▓s and have access to electric▓ity, clean drinking water, energy-efficient biogas and environment-friendly solar water heaters. In addition, there are asphalt roads lin▓king the village to▓ the county sea▓t and other counties in the prefectur▓e. 銆€銆€"I鈥榤 69 years ▓old and my wife is 60. I worked as a serf at the Ngapoi Manor from 13 ▓to 18. The▓n for me, livin▓g meant sufferi▓ng, "said ▓Dorje Tsewang, a villager from Ngapoi Village, Gongbo鈥榞yamda County, Ny▓ingchi. 銆€銆€Speaking of the ▓changes that have taken place since China initiated its opening-up drive, Dorje Tsewang鈥榮 wife got very ex▓cited. 銆€銆€"As▓ you can see, our ▓house is ev▓en better than ▓that of the housekeeper o▓f the Nagpoi Manor in old Tibet. We can have meat▓ as well as three to four vegetable ▓courses at every meal," sh▓e said. 銆€銆€According to Dorje Tsewang, all the 143 v▓illagers e▓njoy the rural cooperative med▓ical service ▓and those over the age ▓of 80 are granted 1,▓200 yuan in government subsidies each month. 銆€?€€In recent ▓years, making full u▓se of the N▓agpoi Mansor, the vi▓llage has also de▓veloped tourism to help villagers i▓ncrease the▓ir incomes. From January to ▓August, Dorje Tsewang鈥榮 family earned 10,000▓ yuan from ▓tourists and the village鈥榮 tourism revenue reache▓d 420,000 yu▓an.  Profile of NepalNepal of▓ficially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia and the world's youngest republic. It▓ is bordered to▓ the north by ▓the People's Republi▓c of China, and to the south, east, and west by the Republic of▓ India. With ▓an area of 147,181 square kilometres (56,827 sq mi) and a pop▓ulation of approxim▓ately 30 million, Nepal is the ▓world's 93rd large▓st country b▓y land mas▓s and the 41st most populous country.▓ Kathmandu is the▓ nation's capital and ▓the country's largest metrop▓olitan city.Nepal is▓ a country ▓of highly diverse an▓d rich geograph▓y, culture, a▓nd religions. The mou▓ntainous north contains eight ▓of the world'▓s ten highest mountains, in▓cluding the highest,▓ Mount Everest. The fertile and humid south is heavily urb▓anized. 銆€n贸ngl▓矛1.鍐滃巻銆€銆€the lu▓nar calendar銆€Expansion:銆€y墨nl矛銆€銆€闃村巻銆€銆€the lu▓nar calendar 銆€g艒▓ngl矛銆€鍏巻銆€銆€the Gregorian calendar銆€q铆ngr茅nji茅2. 鎯呬汉鑺?/STRONG銆€銆€Valentine鈥檚▓ Day銆€c脿i d膩n3. 鑿滃崟銆€銆€menu 銆€tu谩nyu▓谩nf脿n4. 鍥㈠渾楗?/STRONG銆€銆€reunion dinner 銆€ l脿5. ▓杈銆€銆€spicy銆€Expansion:銆€ti谩n▓銆€ 鐢溿€€銆€sweet 銆€xi谩n銆€ 鍜搞€€銆€salty 銆€su膩n銆€ 閰搞€€銆€sour銆€di菐nc脿i6. 鐐硅彍銆€銆€order fo▓od 銆€g艒ngb脿oj墨d墨ng7. 瀹垎楦′竵 銆€銆€fried chicken with pepper and p▓eanuts 銆€shu菒zh菙ni煤r貌u8. 姘寸叜鐗涜倝 銆€銆€锛倃ater锛?spicy oil) ▓boiled beef 銆€f奴▓q墨f猫ipi脿n9. 澶鑲虹墖銆€銆€s▓liced beef ▓and tripe in spicy▓ sauce 銆€銆€m谩p贸d貌ufu10. 楹诲﹩璞嗚厫▓銆€銆€spicy saut茅ed bean curd wi▓th pepperAt the 12th China Beijing ▓International High-tech Expo (CHITEC Exhibition 2009), 1,000 h▓igh-tech product▓s are exhibi▓ted by enterprises from Zhongguancu▓n Science Park.High▓light 1A robotic "cook" makes▓ delicious dishes within three minutes After p

    utting well-cut meat sl▓ices and pepper in▓ a standard box, the operator enters a dish program▓ on a computer scree▓n on the cook▓ing robot鈥檚 chest, and the robot begi▓ns stir-frying with its robot arms▓ after autom▓atically adding seasonings l▓ike oil, salt▓, sauce and vinegar. Neither fumes nor naked flames ▓can be seen during ▓the cooking process. A delici▓ous dish is rea▓dy to be served three minutes later.On M▓ay 20, a cooking robot, m▓ore than one meter tall and on display in Hall 3 of China In▓ternational Exhibition Center im▓mediately drew many visitor▓s' attention. A▓ dish of hot peppers with sliced m▓eat fresh on a plate sent ▓forth a strong ▓pleasant s▓mell and look▓ed wonderful in color. So▓me visitors could not help but pick up chopsticks. "Have a li▓ttle of this dish. It tastes really nice.""Not only▓ can my robot be used in households, but it can also replace human cook▓s to run a robot restaurant,"

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    ocal people. Varieties of vegetables and fr▓uits are not smaller than that in many inland cities. Grange, the n▓ew steakhouse inside th▓e Westin Cha▓oyang, is worth a try. We un▓derstand t▓hat walking through a swish h▓otel lobby can be intimidating i▓f all you're▓ wearing is your low-key sweats. So p▓ut on a nice pair of jeans and powder your nose for this i▓s one steakhouse not ▓to miss. At the end of your journey, you will be rewarded with ▓a perfectly grilled slab of meat to be paired ▓with your choice of exotic homemade mustards ▓such as hot ▓English, t▓hyme, rosemar▓y and Guinness (yes, we▓鈥檙e not joki▓ng, it is indeed Guinness-flavored mustard). You can also sprinkle yo▓ur streak with gourmet salt and pepper options like ▓Hawaii volcanic salt and smoked salt. Every bite can be a burst of new flavor as▓ there are c▓lose to 20 diff▓erent flavors of mustard, salt and pepper fo▓r you to choose f▓rom.The exper▓t team consists of ▓shy Au

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    r ▓this month in Beihai, Guang▓xi Zhuang au▓tonomous region, to help f▓armers resolve technical problems, gain access to real-time ▓market infor▓mation and get training.The center ▓was set up with backing fro▓m the United Nat▓ions Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of▓ Science and Technol▓ogy of China.Liao▓ Wenjiao, 33, a farmer in Be▓ihai's Xia▓omatou village, said▓ she can now ask ▓experts farming questions via an online video chat s

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    ystem set up in the villag▓e activity room recently."I'v▓e learnt from th▓e experts to co▓ver plant roots with organic compost and to spray a potassium solution ▓on the leaves to stop them fr▓om freezing, which is very helpful," Liao said.Her family owns 2 hecta

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    res of r▓ed pepper crops, which usually br▓ing 300,000 yuan ($41,000) a ▓year."The red peppers are growing ver▓y slowly this year becaus▓e of the freezing weather, bu▓t I think this sup▓port will help ensure steady output this year," Li▓ao said.He▓pu is one of 30 t

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    rial counties that have ▓benefited from the▓ UNDP's Technical Ta▓sk Force project launched in▓ 2006 to impr▓ove scientific know-how for poverty alleviate and sustainable▓ development ▓in rural China."The project, with an investmen▓t of $7.4 million, ▓is very timely and

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    ▓it dovetails w▓ith China's▓ process of bui▓lding a new socialist countryside through promoting knowledge-based i▓nnovation in r▓ural areas," Subinay Nandy, director of UNDP China, said.Dou▓ble standards a W▓estern tactic to med▓dle in China's affairsDouble ▓standa

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    rds a ▓Western ta▓ctic to meddle in China's affairsDouble s▓tandards a Western t▓actic to meddle ▓in China's a▓ffairs07-31-2019▓ 10:43 BJTThe▓ latest statement of the cha▓irman of the U▓.S. House Committee on Forei▓gn Affairs, Eliot Engel, o▓n the situation in Hong Ko

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